6 Tips For Surviving Wedding Season

This past summer, three of my close college friends got married. They were some of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve been a part of – but it was also exhausting. For three months, nearly every minute was spent on wedding prep. I drove to Houston each weekend for dance practices, and spent weekday evenings creating tutorial videos and event planning. All of this occurred while attending multiple, incredibly fun events for each couple. It was crazy – but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss it a bit.

One benefit of attending so many back-to-back wedding events is you become a PRO at it. After a dozen within the last five months, I feel confident giving fellow wedding attendees some tips and tricks to celebrate someone else’s best life, while also living your own.

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Mental Illness and Mistakes

I woke up this morning and immediately smiled. This was rare, because I’m not a morning person. Usually I’m quiet and grumpy until coffee water kicks in. Then I become my normal, bubbly self and the world is good again.

But this time I smiled, and quickly got out of bed. I walked over to my window, pulled down a piece of the blinds, and placed two fingers on the window. The cold on my fingertips immediately increased the grin.

It’s fall, y’all!

Technically, it’s been fall for 17 days. But here in Texas, we’ve continued having 90- and sometimes 80-degree weather, which means it never truly felt like fall. That first cold spell, the sign we can get out our sweaters and boots and actually buy hot drinks without instant regret, is what symbolizes fall for me. Whether that happens in October or December.

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7 Life Lessons I Learned From Kathak

About a year ago, I began taking Kathak classes. Kathak is a form of Indian classical dance, originating from North India. The word comes from the Hindi word kathakar, meaning storyteller (learning this hit me like a ton of bricks screaming FATE). Growing up, Kathak dance numbers from Bollywood films like “Devdas” and “Dil To Pagal Hai” captivated me with their grace. Every lithe movement seemed effortless, the strength required carefully hidden. The combination of power and beauty was incredible.

Madhuri Dixit is a queen. Source: Eros Entertainment.
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